Step 72: Reinvent the Wheel Often~ Jason P Sage

This is the 72nd Step towards gaining the Programming Enlightenment series. If you didn’t learn the 71st Step, read it.


“To Reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others.” ~ Wiki

So, why reinvent the wheel?

When we think we want to get intimate knowledge of the inner workings of various components that already exist. Many software components like memory management, double-linked lists, dynamic array, ODBC, multi-threading are like black boxes that just work. Understanding the usage of these components aren’t enough to reveal the hidden dangers and benefit beneath.

Reinventing the wheel, if done properly, can be useful. Unless you plan on learning more about wheels, that is. In addition, we can have complete control over the software, which is sometimes essential.

TL;DR We should try to reinvent the wheel to acquire knowledge how already available things work out-of-box.

MyView androidView;