Step 69: Put the Mouse Down and Step Away from the Keyboard~Burk Hufnagel

This is the 69th Step towards gaining the Programming Enlightenment series. If you didn’t learn the 68th Step, read it.

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To every problem we face, we need to focus to find the solution. Sometimes, enforcing focus to solve the problem at hand, might cause the focus to be lost. All of us suffer from this syndrome.

To break out of this syndrome, we get up stretch legs or walk or talk to yourself (aka rubber duck programming). And, automagically the solution pops out.

Why take breaks when doing creative work?

The human brain is divided into a logical part and creative part. While we code, the logical part is active and the creative part is shut out.

In order to find the solution, sometimes we need help from the creative side of the brain. Taking breaks from computer screens gives us that ability to think from the creative side.



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