Step 67: The Professional Programmer~ Uncle Bob

This is the 67th Step towards gaining the Programming Enlightenment series. If you didn’t learn the 66th Step, read it.

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What is a Professional Programmer?

The single most important trait of a professional programmer is personal responsibility. This is to take responsibility for their careers, their estimates, their schedule commitments, their mistakes, and their workmanship.

What responsibility does a professional programmer have?

  • Take responsibility for the code you write. Don’t expect QA to find bugs for you. We should leave nothing for QA to find as a professional programmer.
  • Take responsibility for the output of the whole team, not just your own work. Help each other grow and cover for each other when necessary.
  • Professionals do not tolerate big bug lists. Decrease your bug count.
  • Professionals do not make a mess. They keep their code clean, well structured, and easy to read.

Why be a professional programmer?

A professional programmer takes responsibility for the quality of their workmanship. When the pressure mounts, professionals hold even tighter to the disciplines they know are right.

TL;DR Be responsbile of your self and take responsibility of the quality of code.



MyView androidView;

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