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  • Hom Kafle

    Hom Kafle

    Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. - Epictetus

  • ISOP


    ISOP app is your virtual classroom. Virtual classroom allows you to learn when you like, not when bell rings.

  • Florina Muntenescu

    Florina Muntenescu

    Android Developer Advocate @Google

  • Lyla Fujiwara

    Lyla Fujiwara

    Android Developer Advocate @ Google

  • Sameer Dhakal

    Sameer Dhakal

    Software Engineer, InHome @ Walmart

  • Michal Bialas

    Michal Bialas

    Tech Lead, Software Engineer, Blogger. πŸ“± πŸ’» 🚘 🎸 enthusiast.

  • Paulina Szklarska

    Paulina Szklarska

    Flutter GDE / Android & Flutter Developer / blogger / speaker / cat owner / travel enthusiast

  • Elye


    Passionate about learning, and sharing mobile development and others https://twitter.com/elye_project https://www.facebook.com/elye.proj

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